Ello Ello Ello TQF.  Another dose of Any Given Saturday. Woo! I'm pretty exicted about this one, because a lot was released this week. A LOT of music was released, but I'm not complaining ya know? The month of November was a great month for music. Me and my friend Jehan were talking about how November was crazy because Wale started the month out on a good note with Ambition. Then Drake and Childish Gambino made it just an incredible month with their albums. Shout out to my boy Jano for the "shhh" picture idea, shout out to Ganeshy for going through with it. This week's post will be a little different because usually I post some old music but I just can't miss out on the opportunity to talk about all the music I've listened to this month. Lets get into these songs.

1) Folarin! Wale released his second album Ambition on 11/1/11, and he did what he usually did by killing it. "Double M Genius" is my favorite song on the album, because there are so many lines that just got me hooked. I mean I got hooked by the first line "Yeah, I'mma let the chips fall N***** is Kemba Walker tryna see me pitfall" whaaaat. Come on, killed it. My favorite line though is "Loud smoking so pass the L like a semicolon." Whaaaaaaat, so sick! Wale is a genius when it comes to his lyrics, and I had to do some research to understand some of his lyrics.

Double M Genius by Wale on Grooveshark

2) Drake is back. I'm not afraid to say it. Drake is back to his So Far Gone form. Maybe he never left, but I didn't think Take Care was going to be what it was going to be. I was a little scared because I mean I liked "Headlines" but I just thought Take Care was going to be another Thank Me Later, but I was wrong. Take Care had so much emotion in it from Drake and he got so personal. "Look What You've Done" is one of the deepest and emotional songs I've ever heard in my life, and Drake pours his heart and soul out on the song talking about how hard life was with his mom and how his uncle was like a father to him. The outro to the song with his Grandma just topped it all off.

Look What You've Done by Drake on Grooveshark

3) Childish Gambino. Camp.... what an album. Gambino did his thing, ever since it came out my iPod hasn't changed to another album or rapper. Gambino put in so much work and time into this album and it's easy to tell that he did. What got me hooked was the passion you could feel in his voice through every song, and the emotion that took over me when I heard it. I was hooked from the first song "Outside". What an opening track, the chorus and how personal he got into it was just amazing. Talking about how hard it was for his family to make money and how it was so tough for him to fit in with everyone. Kudos to Childish Gambino for one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. 

Outside by Childish Gambino on Grooveshark

4) Weezy! I haven't listened to No Ceilings in a while, because I've been listening to Camp and Take Care. The reason I did listen to No Ceilings was because last week I was taking my friend Hanna home, and she played it, but the crazy thing was that she knew EVERY WORD to this song it was the coolest thing ever. Usually in the car we'll listen to Jason Derulo or Adele, but she played this and she knew the words, it was crazy. Shoutout to Hanna for being such a G. On another note though No Ceilings was the last time Lil Wayne actually did his thing and hopefully he can do it again.

Lil Wayne- Swag Surfin by flowsandwich

Well that's all for this week guys. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it. If you get a chance listen to Camp and Take Care, it's some of the most emotional music you'll listen to. It's definetly worth the time, and if you don't like them... it is what it is.... or you might be crazy. November was a great month for music and hopefully there will be another month like this. Also TQF got a grammar editor, because we're to G for grammar. Shout out to Umbar. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, spread the word about us. Tell your teachers about us, write it on the back of your car, or something creative. Also like I said before itd be cool if we could get some fan drawn "shhh" pictures that would be awesome and we'll definitely feature them. TQF. Kill That Noise. Gang Gang.