Any Given Saturday #9

BATMAN KNOWS! What's going on everyone? Another week of Any Given Saturday. Yayyy! Well I'm pretty sure everyone is on break from school and spending time just relaxing and what not. Lately I've been chillin' and listening to some new stuff that came out and I'll be talking about it below. Also, I bought that new Batman game... Batman Arkham City. It's pretty legit. Well, enough video game talk; it's bout' that time.... let's get into these songs.

1) Lupe Fiasco recently released a mixtape in November titled Friend of The People and I didn't really give it a listen because in November there was just so much music released, I simply pushed it aside. I'm finally getting around to listening to it because I heard this song on a Youtube vlog of Brandon Jennings. This song got me into the tape because it was a different Lupe that I wasn't used to, and he did a good job. Enjoy.

Lupe Fiasco LightWork (featuring Ellie Goulding and Bassnectar)

2) This track right here has a lot of people going crazy. The Weeknd released a mixtape earlier in the week titled Echoes of Silence. The opening track is a cover of the famous Michael Jackson song "Dirty Diana". The Weeknd did such a great job on the song, but of course it can't trump the original.

The Weeknd D.D.

That is all until next week guys. Happy Holidays! Enjoy them until we all go back to the grind. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Tell your friends about us also. WE NEED DA LUV! TQF. "Kill That Noise." Gang Gang