Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Allderdice + TQF Turns 1

For those of you who missed the drop last night because you had a busy night out or couldn't update your blog because you were at work until 4 AM and crashed afterwards....  Wiz Khalifa finally released his highly anticipated mixtape Taylor Allderdice. We haven't had too many previews from the tape and I haven't gotten the chance to listen through yet but "Mary x3" has been my jam since it's release.

Wiz received a lot of flack (not from me) for his last album Rolling Papers and even acknowledged that it wasn't his most creative effort in an open letter he wrote in which he promised his sequential projects would differ. If you haven't downloaded it yet, grab a copy from the official mixtape site.

By the way, The Quiet Floor turns 1 today - 613 post later! This whole thing has been so much fun and an amazing experience. I don't want to give out too many spoilers but... there's a lot of goals I have in vision right now and hopefully after all of this MCAT business is over with they can start to materialize.

I definitely am incredibly grateful to the surprising number of people who've shown support and helped the site get off the ground, Karim, Raza, Mikey Fresh, and of course the artist and listeners.

Thanks guys, I've got a lot of love for you all. Here's to one more year.